RN Report Card launching our next edition!

We’re preparing our new product, and we’re asking for your patience as we make RNReport Card the best nursing report sheet ever. Give us some time and we’ll be back in business. Check back soon for updates!!

RN Report Card is a standardized nurse’s note sheets that keeps nurses and their nursing notes organized. The RN Report Card is 5X7, lightweight, and fits in the pockets of your scrubs.  RN Report Card helps nurses ,manage patient information, save time, reduce stress, help make better decisions, and significantly improves patient satisfaction.

Benefits of RN Report Card for the Organization and Individual



  • Helps control information overload
  • The tool for staying calm and in focus despite ongoing constant chaos in a hospital environment
  • Saving time and reducing stress with improved focus
  • Reduced stress through improved organization
  • Improved Patient Care
  • Connecting better to family & friends
  • More value, balance & happiness every day



  • Increased individual productivity and responsibility
  • Reduce Overtime
  • Retention of valued employees
  • More Stability within the nursing environment
  • Improve decision-making
  • Improved Patient Care
  • Improved Patient Satisfaction Rating
  • Standardizing shift report makes it easy to train and replicate
  • Reduces costs making you more efficient and increases revenue by repeat care