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Like you I was just a new nurse trying to find my way in the world of bedside nursing. I had just started my new job and was terrified to find out everything that the nurse was expected to keep track of. Doctors were calling to find out if the CT scan they ordered yesterday was done, the new Intern was asking about the lab results, and not to mention keeping track of the simple things like what’s the patient’s diet! And just think, all of this has to be in your head, for each patient. So, after I stopped crying, I came up with an idea I thought would help to keep me organized. And then and there, the RN Report Card was born. So now we’ve decided to put it out there for all the other nurses who could use some help getting organized and keeping focused on what’s important for your patient care.

Florida Nurses Create RN Report Card

Low-tech tool aims to standardize note-taking and shift-reporting

Marsha Elson-Joseph, BSN, RN, a graduate of the University of Miami’s nursing school, and her sister Lisa Elson, RN, a recent graduate of Miami Dade College, are bringing a low-tech innovation to the nursing profession in the form of the RN Report Card. Full Story…


Enterprising Florida nurse earning high marks with RN Report Card

Marsha-Gaye Elson-Joseph, BSN, knew her nursing career could take her anywhere. Different facilities. Different units. Different states. The former TV news writer entered the industry because “there are a million different things you can do in nursing.” Full Story…

RN Report Card bringing low-tech innovations to New Nurses and Nursing Students Everywhere

April 13th, 2009- Marsha Elson-Joseph, BSN, a graduate of the University of Miami School of Nursing and Lisa Elson, RN a recent graduate of Miami Dade College School of Nursing are bringing low-tech innovations to the Nursing profession. After just two years as an Oncology nurse, Marsha has earned first hand experience of the many unforeseen challenges facing her profession. Full Story…


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