The Job of an In-Home Nurse

The Job of an In-Home Nurse

In home nursing is a form of nursing where patients get treatment right in their own homes. Some nurses will actually live with their patients in a separate room of the house, and others will visit on a frequent basis to administer medicine and provide general care for people. The job of an in-home nurse is much different than the job of a nurse in the public job sector. Both may have to fill out an RN report sheet, but there is still a big difference in the work at the end of the day. Here is a look at what a private nurse like this may do.

In-home nurses get to know their patients on an intimate level. They work with the same person or people on a regular basis and keep accurate track of their medical information. The work of an in-home nurse is similar to that of a public nurse in terms of the overall care, and in-home nurses still have to write an RN report sheet for their own reference in the future. This sheet also assists other nurses who may have to come in on the original caregiver’s day off.

In many ways, homebound nurses turn into mentors and friends for their parents. Rather than working with many different people day in and day out, they work with the same people and can therefore develop deeper relationships with them. Some patients have the same nurse for years at a time, and at that point the patient and nurse almost turn into family. The patient is more than just a case on an RN report sheet at that point. He or she is a loved one that gets even better care because of the emotions behind the relationship.

In-home nurses tend to get paid more money than other nurses because of the specialized care they provide. If they are actually live-in nurses, they may have their lodging paid for to accommodate their needs. In home nurses can still lead normal lives outside of work, but they have to be more dedicated to their patients and their special needs. A nurse that does not live in a home with someone may care for more than one patient at a time, but it all depends on the duties they have. You can look into private opportunities like this in your area if you feel that they are right for you.

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