What is a Nursing Unions and Should i Join one?

Pros and Cons of Nursing Unions

Nursing unions are groups of nurses that ban together to negotiate with managers in their workplace. Most unions formed because of poor working conditions, or because the pay across the board is lower than what it should be. Joining a nursing union could give you a chance to be a part of a large movement in your workplace, but it could also cost you money and time in the end. There and pros and cons to unions in any job, with nursing included. Understanding those pros and cons will help you determine if you want to join one while you fill out your nursing report sheet.

Most nursing in nursing unions will see pay increases initially because the union will threaten to go on strike without some kind of wage bargain. The problem is that those negotiations typically last long enough for the economy to pick back up, so the nurses involved will not make as much as they should later on.  This is something you will have to keep in mind when seeking to join a union.

If you want to be a part of a union because working conditions are bad, you may want to think about why those conditions are bad in the first place. Is it because there are too many patients for the nurses on staff to care for? If so, building a union will not change that. You will still have to fill out a nursing report sheet for every patient until the company hires more people. If there is a sanitation issue in the place you work or something else along those lines, the union may have more influence with the issues.

You actually do not need to be a part of a union to make a request with your employers. Because there are so many nursing jobs out there, a simple threat to relocate may be enough to get a bargain going with the place you work at. If you want to get paid more for filling out a nursing report sheet every day, you may be able to work something like that out. It is better to negotiate with your management team rather than trying to threaten them. If the bargaining does not work, then you can think about other options.

In the end every situation is different, nursing staff, management, stress of the job, are all factors that need to be considered. Generally speaking i communication and voicing your opinions to the right person is usually the best option.


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