3 Tips for Nurses on how to Relax on Your Days Off

3 Tips for Nurses on how to Relax on Your Days Off

The life of a nurse is nothing less than chaos at all times. Most nurses find themselves in a sheer panic throughout the day because they have to take care of so many things at once. The patients, nursing report sheet, doctors, medications, and more can all weigh in on a nurse’s shoulders. This creates built up stress that may actually make matters worse over time. If you know you are stressed in your place of work, you may want to use the tips below to help you relax a little on your days off.

Nursing Relaxation Step #1

Take up a yoga class for the time you have out of the office. Yoga is a form of exercise and meditation that can put your body in unique and cleansing positions. Yoga may help you get in shape so you can be more efficient at your job, and it can also release toxins that may cause fatigue and irritability. Getting rid of those toxins will help you stay focused on all your task especial the end of shift report. During the end of the day you may find yourself low on energy and thus not able to give 100% and the end of every shift.  If you cannot handle yoga, simple meditation techniques, going for a walk, biking or even swimming may help as well.

Nursing Relaxation Step #2

Try to sleep as much as you can to catch up on the sleep you likely missed out on throughout the week. Nurses are known for having odd schedules that can make resting regularly almost impossible. A good night of sleep will help you feel refreshed so you can fill out your next nursing report sheet with confidence. Try to eat healthy foods that can energize your both and replenish any nutrients you may have been missing out on. If you have been living on sandwiches and bags of chips for meals at work, a good day of eating could do wonders for your body.

Nursing Relaxation Step #3

Take yourself to a massage parlor or spa to truly get pampered. If you have a spouse, skip that and have him or her massage your body instead. You can take a warm bath and then hop into bed for a night of well deserved sleep. Do not think about work at all that day because that will only start to stress you out. Keep the thoughts of your nursing report sheet away and just focus on the peace and tranquility ahead. You deserve rest just as much as anyone and you can get that if you know what to do.

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